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This page contains images of maize and teosinte that you are welcome to download and use provided that you acknowledge the photographer of the photographs, artist for the drawings or other source.


Immature ears of Zea diploperennis whole and sectioned with a few mature fruitcases, one of which is cracked open to expose the grain (photo by Hugh Iltis) [JPG File] Zea mays ssp. parviglumis plants growing in a ravine near Teloloapan in the Balsas river drainage, Guererro, Mexico (photo by Hugh Iltis) [JPG FIle]
Zea mays ssp. mexicana Race Chalco plant being held by Steve Solheim (photo by Hugh Iltis) [JPG File] Teosinte and "reconstructed" primitive maize. George Beadle created the latter by crossing teosinte with Argentine pop corn and then selecting the smallest segregants. This maize ear resembles the earliest archaeological corn recovered from the Tehuacán valley in Mexico (photo by John Doebley) [JPG File]
A sample of the diversity represented in the corn crib of one farmer in the highlands of central Mexico. The corn shown is of the Mexican Pyramidal Complex, named for the conical or "pyramid" shaped ears (photo by Hugh Iltis) [JPG File] Teosinte ear (Zea mays ssp mexicana) on the left, maize ear on the right, and ear of their F1 hybrid in the center (photo by John Doebley) [JPG File]
  Last updated August 5, 2010