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  • Wang, H., A. J. Studer, Q. Zhao, R. Meeley and J. Doebley. 2015. Evidence that the origin of naked kernels during maize domestication was caused by a single amino acid substitution in tga1. Genetics 200: 965-974. [pdf]
  • Lemmon, Z. H., R. Burkowski, Q. Sun and J. Doebley. 2014. The role of cis regulatory evolution in maize domestication. PLoS Genetics 10: e1004745 (15 pages). [pdf]
  • Lemmon, Z. H. and J. Doebley. 2014. Genetic dissection of a genomic region with pleiotropic effects on domestication traits in maize reveals multiple linked QTL. Genetics 198: 345353. [pdf]
  • Lang, Z*, D. M. Wills*, Z. H. Lemmon, L. M. Shannon, R. Bukowski, Y. Wu, J. Messing, and J. F. Doebley. 2014. Defining the role of Prolamin-box binding factor1 gene during maize domestication. J. Heredity 105: 576-582. [*These authors contributed equally.] [pdf]
  • Wills, D. M., C. J. Whipple, S. Takuno, L. E. Kursel, L. M. Shannon, J. Ross-Ibarra, and J. F. Doebley. 2013. From many, one: genetic control of prolificacy during maize domestication. PLoS Genetics 9: e1003604. [pdf]
  • Hung, H. Y.*, L. M. Shannon*, F. Tian*, P. J. Bradbury, C. Chen, S. A. Flint-Garcia, M. D. McMullen, D. Ware, E. S. Buckler, J. F. Doebley, and J. B. Holland. 2012. ZmCCT and the genetic basis of day-length adaptation underlying the post-domestication spread of maize. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109: E1913-E1921. [*These three authors contributed equally and are listed in alphabetical order.] [pdf] [Supplemental Information]
  • Lin, Z., X. Li, L.M. Shannon, C.-T. Yeh, M. L. Wang, G. Bai, J. Li, T. E. Clemente , H. N. Trick, J. Doebley, P.S. Schnable, M. R. Tuinstra, T. T. Tesso, F. White, and J. Yu. 2012. Parallel domestication of the Shattering1 genes in cereals. Nature Genetics 44: 720-724. [pdf]
  • Studer, A., and J. Doebley. 2012. Evidence for a natural allelic series at the maize domestication locus teosinte branched1. Genetics 191: 951-958. [pdf]
  • Studer, A., Q. Zhao, J. Ross-Ibarra, and J. Doebley. 2011. A transposon insertion was the causative mutation in the maize domestication gene tb1. Nature Genetics 43: 1160-1163. [pdf] [Commentary]
  • Whipple, C. J., T. H. Kebrom, A. L. Weber, F. Yang, D. H. Hall, R. B. Meeley, R. J. Schmidt, J. Doebley, T. P. Brutnell and D. P. Jackson. 2011. Grassy tillers1 integrates light signals to control apical dominance in maize. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108: E506-E512. [pdf]
  • Studer, A., and J. Doebley. 2011. Do large effect QTL fractionate? A case study at the maize domestication QTL teosinte branched1. Genetics 188: 673-681. [pdf]
  • Zhao, Z., A. L. Weber, M. D. McMullen, K. Guill, and J. Doebley. 2011. MADS-box genes of maize: frequent targets of selection during domestication. Genetical Research 93: 65-75. [pdf]
  • van Heerwaarden, J., J. Doebley, B. Briggs, J. Glaubitz, M. M. Goodman, J.J. Sanchez G., and J. Ross-Ibarra. 2010. A second look at the cradle of maize cultivation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108: 1088-1092. [pdf]
  • van Heerwaarden, J., J. Ross-Ibarra, J. Doebley, J. C. Glaubitz, J. Sánchez González, B. S. Gaut, L. Eguiarte.  2010.  Fine scale genetic structure in the wild ancestor of maize (Zea mays ssp. parviglumis).  Molecular Ecology 19: 1162-1173. [pdf]
  • Quijada, P., L. M. Shannon, J. C. Glaubitz, A. J. Studer, and J. Doebley.  2009.  Characterization of a major maize domestication QTL on the short arm of chromosome 1.  Maydica 54: 401-408. [pdf]
  • Weber, A. L., Q. Zhao, M. D. McMullen, J. F. Doebley.  2009.  Using association mapping in teosinte to investigate the function of maize selection-candidate genes.  Plos One  4: 1-6, e8227. [pdf]
  • Weber, A. L., W. H. Briggs, J. Rucker, B. M. Baltazar, J. J. Sánchez-Gonzalez, P. Feng, E. S. Buckler and J. Doebley. 2008.  The Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits in Teosinte (Zea mays ssp. parviglumis): New Evidence from Association Mapping. Genetics 180: 1221–1232. [pdf]
  • Vigouroux, Y., J. C. Glaubitz, Y. Matsuoka, M. M. Goodman, J. Sanchez G. and J. Doebley.  2008.  Population structure and genetic diversity of New World maize landraces assessed by DNA Microsatellites.  Amer. J. Botany 95: 1240-1253. [pdf]
  • Zhao, Q., A.-C. Thuillet, N. K Uhlmann, A. Weber, J. A. Rafalski, S. M. Allen, S. Tingey, and J. Doebley. 2008. The role of regulatory genes during maize domestication: evidence from nucleotide polymorphism and gene expression.  Genetics 178: 2133–2143. [pdf]
  • Weber, A. L., R. M. Clark, L. Vaughn, J. J. Sanchez-Gonzalez, J. Yu, B. Yandell, P. Bradbury, and J. F. Doebley. 2007. Major regulatory genes in maize contribute to standing variation in teosinte (Zea mays ssp. parviglumis). Genetics 177: 2349-2359. [pdf]
  • Briggs, W. H., M. Mc Mullen, B. Gaut, and J. F. Doebley. 2007. Linkage mapping of domestication loci in a large maize-teosinte backcross resource. Genetics 177: 1915-28. [pdf]
  • Doebley, J., B. Gaut and B. Smith. 2006. The molecular genetics of domestication. Cell 127: 1309-21.[pdf] [Supplement]
  • Doebley, J. 2006. Unfallen grains: How ancient farmers turned weeds into crops. Science 312: 1318-1319. [pdf]
  • Clark, R, T. Nussbaum-Wagler, P. Quijada and J. Doebley. 2006.  A distant upstream enhancer at the maize domestication gene, tb1, has pleiotropic effects on plant and inflorescent architecture.  Nature Genetics 38: 594-597. [pdf]
  • Bomblies, K., and J. Doebley.  2006.  Pleiotropic effects of the duplicate maize FLORICAULA/LEAFY genes zfl1 and zfl2 on traits under selection during maize domestication.  Genetics 172: 519-531. [pdf]
  • Clark, R. M., S. Tavaré, and J. Doebley.  2005.  Estimating a nucleotide substitution rate for maize from polymorphism at a major domestication locus.  Mol. Biol. Evol. 22: 2304–2312. [pdf]
  • Wang, H., T. Nussbaum-Wagler, B. Li, Q. Zhao, Y. Vigouroux, M. Faller, K. Bomblies, L. Lukens, and J. Doebley. 2005. The origin of the naked grains of maize. Nature 436: 714-719. [pdf]
  • Fukunaga, K., J. Hill, Y. Vigouroux, Y. Matsuoka, J. SanchezG., K. Liu, E. S. Buckler and J. Doebley.  2005.  Genetic diversity and population structure of teosinte. Genetics 169: 2241-2254. [pdf] [Supplemental Files: passport data, SSR markers, Structure results, Tree]
  • Vigouroux, Y., S. Mitchell, Y. Matsuoka, M. Hamblin, S. Kresovich, J. S. C. Smith, J. Jaqueth, O. S. Smith and J. Doebley. 2005. An analysis of genetic diversity across the maize genome using microsatellites. Genetics 169: 1617-1630. [pdf]
  • Doebley, J. F. 2004. The genetics of maize evolution. Annual Review of Genetics 38: 37-59. [pdf]
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  • Clark, R. M., E. Linton, J. Messing, and J. Doebley. 2004. Pattern of diversity in the genomic region near the maize domestication gene, tb1. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101: 700-707. [pdf]
  • Liu, K., M. M. Goodman, S. Muse, J. S. C. Smith, E. S. Buckler, and J. Doebley. 2003. Genetic structure and diversity among maize Inbred lines as inferred from DNA microsatellites. Genetics 165: 2117-2128.  [pdf]
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